B10m Sought For Bungled Surgery In Bangkok


A 22-year-old university student yesterday lodged a complaint with police against two doctors, accusing them of misdiagnosing cysts as tumours and removing her appendix without her consent.

Piyada Pisayaso met Chok Chai police in Bangkok’s Wang Thonglang district, after which her lawyer, Ananchai Chaiyadej, said the two doctors are working at a private hospital in Lat Phrao district.


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Mr Ananchai said Ms Piyada met the doctors at the hospital on Dec 20 last year after suffering from abdominal pain.

After an examination, they told her they had found three tumours in her small intestine and suggested she undergo an urgent operation to take them out, he said.

Mr Ananchai said that Ms Piyada and her parents gave consent to the operation.

He did not say when the operation had been done.

He said when his client met her doctors at a follow-up visit at the hospital, the doctors told her they did not see the tumours in her small intestine during the operation; instead, they found cysts on her left ovary and her appendix and they took out only the cysts.

The lawyer said his client was shocked at the doctors’ actions as she had never given her consent. He said, however, that her parents later took her to get an x-ray at another hospital which found her left ovary and appendix had been removed.

He said after that Ms Piyada and her parents have asked for compensation from the two doctors and the first hospital but have received no reply. The lawyer said the two doctors made an incorrect diagnosis and performed surgery without proper permission. He said the family of his client spent more than 330,000 baht for the operation.

Mr Ananchai said next week he will take his client’s petition to the Medical Council of Thailand and ask for 10 million baht in compensation.


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