Begpackers arrested in Si Phum for selling goods without a work permit

Two foreign begpackers were arrested by Chiang Mai Immigration Police when they were found selling goods without a work permit in Si Phum Nov. 6.

The arrests were disclosed at a press conference in Bangkok yesterday with police saying the begpackers had been identified as part of a crackdown on begging and unlicensed selling in the lead up for Yi Peng.

The two accused – Mr. Zoulis Spyridon, a 43-year-old Greek national and Ms. Lin Xiaoping, 28 from China were allegedly found hawking goods on a footpath near the entrance to Moon Muang Soi 3 just south of the Thapae Gate.

Immigration police made a note of pointing out that Mr. Spyridon had long hair, an unkempt beard and used the word “hippie” in English to describe him – see picture above.

The pair were charged with “being an alien working without a work permit.” Whether they’ve been as yet processed and deported is unknown at this time.

Photo: Neawna