‘Big bike’ rider hands himself in, claims girl fell of bike as she was drunk

A man who fled the scene of an accident when his passenger fell off his bike and died has handed himself in to police, claiming that the girl fell off the bike because she was drunk.

The deceased, Miss Chonchanakan Chaiwong, 26 from Luang Nuea, Doi Saket fell off the bike as it was being ridden through the Khuang Sing Underpass on the Superhighway in Chang Phueak early Jan. 27.

The rider of the bike, known only as Mr. Boss (not real name), 27 said that the deceased had been drunk and “danced” on the back of the bike before falling off, hitting her head in the process.

He claimed to have fled the scene as he was in shock.

Mr. Boss was charged with “driving recklessly causing the death of others.” He was released on 50,000 baht bail pending further investigation and an eventual court hearing.

Photo: Daily News