‘Big Joke’ finds 20,000 counterfeit items in raid of Night Bazaar stalls

In a case of it was always going to happen eventually, “Big Joke,” Major General Surachet Hakpal, the deputy commissioner of the tourist police led a raid on the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar last night that uncovered 20,000 counterfeit items.

The raid, run in conjunction with Provincial District 5 police, the Crime Suppression Center for Information Technology Trafficking, Thailand Tourist Police and arguably more interestingly the U.S. Chiang Mai Consulate, resulted in the arrest of 12 people with the counterfeit items said to be worth 30 million baht – US$919,000.

Talking to Thai media, Big Joke said that the Thai the government gives priority to cracking down on piracy so “tourists who come to shop get quality products.”

Kevin Harrington, a representative of the U.S. consulate, is quoted as praising Thai police for cracking down on piracy, adding that it was important that people who violate intellectual property rights be brought to task by authorities.