‘Black rocks’ predict winning Thai Lottery numbers in Chiang Rai

Villagers in Chiang Rai are paying homage to a collection of “black rocks” that they say bring luck and also help predict winning Thai Lottery numbers.

The rocks, described as “strange” by the villagers, are located in Ban Thung Chao, Moo 4 Mae Pao, Phaya Mengrai District.

The rocks, which appear to be volcanic (note, CM1 are not expert geologists) were first found by a local farmer in his rice paddy two years ago with further rocks subsequently found.

According to reports, the farmer claims he had a dream that he had to dig the rest of the rocks out of the field then found, much to his surprise, that some of the rocks had Buddha-like images on them.

The rock collection is credited with predicting Thai Lottery numbers and bringing good luck to those who visit them. Photos on Chiang Mai News show locals worshiping the rocks hopeful that some of the good luck will rub off on them.

Photo: Chiang Mai News