Body count hits four as additional missing men found drowned in Mae Taeng

Three men were found drowned in a pickup truck in Mae Taeng yesterday, Aug. 26 as emergency services workers were searching for them following the discovery of a body in the Mae Taeng River Aug. 26.

The pickup truck with the three bodies still in it was found in an irrigation canal in Moo 6 Khilek at around 7:30 p.m.

It was originally believed that three of the men had gone missing after leaving home to search for “forest products” and may have been washed away in flash flooding. The additional man found in the pickup truck, Mr. Sompong Chomngam, 59 is said to be a construction worker who may have been giving the other three men a ride.

Notably, the first body found, which is believed to have come free from the pickup truck and was washed downstream, was found 20 kilometers from the crash site.

The three men were only named as Mr. Pae To, Mr. Lay and Mr. Taso and were all workers at the Chokchai Elephant Farm.

The bodies were taken to Mae Taeng Hospital for autopsies before being released to family members for funeral rites.