Body of man found in oil drum in Chiang Rai swamp

The body of a man was found in an oil drum in a swamp in Chiang Rai yesterday, March 8.

The drum and body were found in the Ban Thoet Thai swap in Moo 1 Thoet Thai, Mae Fah Luang District by locals who had noticed the tank in the swamp along with detecting a foul smell.

The identity of the man is unknown but is described as wearing a black t-shirt, black long parns and white-brown hiking shoes. Given decomposition, it’s estimated that the unknown man had been dead for a week before the body was discovered.

Not surprisingly, it’s suspected that the man was murdered with the person behind the murder attempting to hide the body by placing it in the oil drum the throwing the drum into the swamp.

Anyone who is missing a relative in the area is asked to contact Mae Fah Luang Police Station.

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Posted by คนล้านนา on Sunday, March 8, 2020

Photo: Chiang Mai News