Body of missing 62-year-old man found drowned in Hang Dong swamp

The body of a 62-year old man that went missing yesterday was found drowned in a Hang Dong swamp this morning, April 22.

The body was found in the waterway by divers from the Underwater Search Operation Team, Division 5 in Ban Pasak, Han Kaeo at around 8:30 a.m. this morning.

The deceased, Mr. Sawang Kongsima from Moo 1 Han Kaeo was noticed as missing by relatively at around 7 p.m. after he had failed to return home after possibly drinking with friends.

Relatives started to look for him this morning, calling police who also called in divers to search a nearby swamp.

Mr. Kongsima was described by relatives as “a drinker” and it’s believed he may have fallen in the swamp drunk on his way home last night and subsequently drowned

The body was taken to hospital for an autopsy.

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