Boyfriend arrested in Chang Phueak over murder of family in Chiang Rai

A 27-year-old man was arrested in Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai last night, Dec. 2 in relation to the murder of three family members found in a home in Chiang Rai yesterday.

Mr. Nawaratorn Kunasangkam from Pa Sang, Mae Chan District in Chiang Rai was arrested for the murder of Mr. Udom Kimsi, 57, Mrs. Nutcha Kimsi, 51 and their daughter Miss Saowarot Kimsi, 26. While the bodies were discovered yesterday the murder itself took place Nov. 28. Notably, Kunasangkam was the boyfriend of Miss Kimsi.

Chang Phueak Police made the arrest after identifying Mr. Kunasangkam’s vehicle in front of a 7-Eleven near the Lanna Golf Course on Chotana Road (Highway 107). Kunasangkam was found in the vehicle with Mrs. Phatsa Kunasangkham (his mother), a semi-automatic 9mm pistol and 14 bullets.

After being transported to Provincial Police Dision 5 headquarters, Mr. Kunasangkam confessed to the crime, saying he acted out of jealousy after seeing that his girlfriend had been communicating with an ex-boyfriend on LINE.

Having shot and killed Miss. Kimsi, her parents came to investigate the gun shots when he then decided to murder them as well.

He’s being transferred back to Chiang Rai to be formally charged and prosecuted.

Photo: Thairath