UPDATE: Our sources at Chiang Mai Police Station Just Confirmed Alcohol Not allowed in Restaurants Today

Dr Taweesin

Our sources at Chiang Mai Police Station have just confirmed that alcohol will not be allowed in restaurants today 11th June 2020. They asked that Chiang Mai residents and restaurant owners be patient and stated that alcohol will be permitted “very soon”.

We apologise for any confusion caused earlier today.
On 10th June 2020 at 11:30 hours at the Coronary Epidemic Infection Management Center, Dr Taweesil Witsanuayotin, spokesman for the FST addressed the media.

He asked the public and media to follow the resolution of the FSC meeting on Friday 12th June. He confirmed there is no discussion about the cancellation of the 15-day curfew as it appears on some news platforms.

At the meeting on Friday, they will discuss the opening of the country for foreign tourists to travel for health tourism in Thailand.