Cabinet Approves Extending 2 COVID-19 Relief Schemes for 41.5 Million People

Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri
Anucha Burapachaisri

Yesterday, the cabinet approved extending 2 COVID-19 relief schemes to deliver extra funding to some 41.5 million people under a budget of more than 78 billion baht.

They were a 67-billion-baht extension of the “Rao Chana” scheme and an 11.7-billion-baht new phase of the “Section 33 Rao Rak Kan” scheme.

Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said that under the Rao Chana scheme, an additional 1,000 baht would be given to eligible people each week for two weeks.

Holders of state welfare cards would receive the handout on 20th May and 27th May while those spending through the government’s e-wallet app “Pao Tang” would get the money on 21st May and 28th May. Those insured under Section 33 of the Social Security Act would be given an additional 1,000 baht each week for two weeks under the Rao Rak Kan scheme and they would receive the handout on 24th May and 31st May.

The handouts for both schemes could be spent until the end of June.

He said other government relief packages to alleviate the impact of the outbreak and economic-stimulus measures such as the “Khon La Khrueng” co-payment scheme and “Ying Chai Ying Dai” (the more you spend, the more you get) scheme would be submitted to the cabinet for consideration later.

Mr Burapachaisri said the 78-billion-baht budget to cover the extension of the Rao Chana and Rao Rak Kan schemes would be allocated from the 85-billion-baht earmarked for economic and social rehabilitation programmes under the one-trillion baht emergency loan decree.

State agencies were being asked to suspend economic and social rehabilitation proposals except those which were already approved by the cabinet on 23rd November last year under the budget of 45 billion baht, he said.

However, he said the economic and social rehabilitation projects, aimed at creating jobs, strengthening communities, and building infrastructure, should be submitted to the deputy prime minister.