Cabinet Approves New Driving Licence Requirements

Traffic in Thailand

The Department of Land Transport has announced that additional requirements for people seeking to obtain or renew a driver’s licence have now been approved by the cabinet.

Thailand is aiming to reduce road traffic accidents, and the cabinet recently approved the need for motorists to have a health certificate and special training, the department said.

Yongyut Nakdaeng, deputy director-general of the department, said the cabinet approved a plan to reduce accidents, enhance road safety and respond to current problems.

If the rules are approved by the government, those seeking to obtain or renew a licence will need to have their health certified, while those wishing to drive “big bikes”, or powerful motorcycles, will need to special training before being allowed on the road.

The rules will need 120 days to take effect after they are approved by the government.

Mr Nakdaeng said motorists would need a medical document certifying their ability to drive a vehicle and not cause an accident on the road.

He said the Medical Council would be allowed to determine which health problems would bar a motorist from obtaining or renewing a licence.

Owners of powerful motorcycles of 400cc or more would need to pass special training and specific tests to ensure drivers can control their vehicle. The department said many fatal accidents involve powerful motorcycles.


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