Canadian arrested for vandalizing Thapae Gate fined 100,000 baht, no jail time

A Canadian woman who was arrested alongside a Brit for vandalizing the Thapae Gate in October has received no jail time and a 100,000 baht fine.

Canadian media reports that Brittany Schneider, 22, said Monday (Canadian time) that she had had initially been “sentenced to two years in prison and a 100,000 baht fine” but then had her sentence reduced to one year in prison and 100,000 baht, before the judge gave her no jail time but kept the fine.

More likely is that prosecutors argued for one or two years in jail while the judge simply went with a fine – Thai courts don’t impose sentences to only immediately change them and to say Schneider isn’t bright is an understatement.

“Honestly I’m so relieved, I’m so happy and I am beyond thankful that the judge showed so much compassion for us,” Schneider is quoted as saying. “Actually a lot of people I’ve met in Thailand showed a lot of compassion even tho [sic] it was their wall I vandalized. They still were so nice to me and were so worried about me.”

Schneider cannot flee Chiang Mai quite yet as the court has to lift a ban on her leaving the country with Immigration, a move that can’t come soon enough for the entire country.

There is no word as yet on the outcome of the case against Lee Furlong, the other miscrient that vandalized the wall. While Schneider only spray painted one letter on the wall, Furlong sprayed 10 times more in the form of “Scousse Lee.”