Cave rescue, plane crash numbers popular for next lottery draw

Numbers relating to the rescue of the Mu Pa football team and their coach as well as the Mae Hong Son plane crash are proving popular in Chiang Mai for the July 15 Thai Lottery draw.

According to Khaosod, who visited the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road (Mahidol Road overpass) lottery market in Saraphi – itself regarded as a lucky place to buy tickets, the numbers 13.31, the number of those now saved from the cave and the same number inverted, as well as 45.54, the number of the plane that crashed, are in high demand.

445 – the number rescued from the cave each day is also said to be popular as well as 17, the number of days the Mu Pa football team were stuck in the cave. 23 – representing the date the team became lost in the cave is also said to be in demand.

The popularity of numbers reflecting the Mu Pa rescue started late last month with similar demand for the number 13 at the same Saraphi market.