Chang Phueak Police arrest 17-year-old caught stealing a bike on CCTV

Chang Phueak police have tracked down and arrested a 17-year-old boy today (Aug. 28) who was caught stealing a motorcycle on closed-circuit television.

The boy, who was named by Thai media but won’t be here, from Chiang Dao district, stole the Honda Wave from outside a condo on Theparak Road, Chang Phueak early Saturday morning, Aug. 25. but unbeknown to him was caught on CCTV doing so.

Using the CCTV footage of theft as well as that from other CCTV cameras in the area, the thief and the motorbike were traced to a dorm house in Santisuk Road, Chang Phuak, a grand total of one street away, where he was arrested.

The owners of the bike – shown pointing at it above, were reported to be happy to have their bike returned.

The youth has been charged with “theft at night of a vehicle” as well as a general charge for the theft of items that were stored with the motorcycle.