Chiang Mai Airport ramps up coronavirus screening activities

Chiang Mai International Airport is ramping up its Wuhan coronavirus screening activities by adding new screening points.

The airport first started screen all passengers flying into Chiang Mai from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus Jan. 5 before expanding screening to all passengers flying in from mainland China around two weeks later.

The new screening measures have seen the screening facilities move from just before the Immigration counters to the points of entry into the terminal itself for arriving passengers.

Notably, the airport has also expanded coronavirus screening to all passengers flying in from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well.

The airport also said to have increased hygiene procedures, using alcohol to wipe clean various points of contact including carts, door knobs, taps, escalators and other areas that may come into contact with infected visitors. There is still no mention as to whether the fingerprint scanners used by Immigration are being cleaned, however.

Photo: Siamrath