Chiang Mai Airport Revamp Screening Process to Improve Security

Chiang Mai Airport Thailand

Chiang Mai airport plans to revamp its baggage screening system to enhance security.

Wg Cdr Matthayan Kraisornthongsri, deputy director of Chiang Mai airport, said yesterday the airport will remodel its baggage-checking system by installing the so-called “In-Line” screening system from 1st December 2020.

He said the new system will allow passengers inside the airport without body checks at the entrance but they will be temperature-tested and have to wear face masks as a COVID-19 prevention measure.

If passengers have not checked in their luggage, they can check-in using many channels before the bags are examined by X-ray and they board flights.

Passengers with checked luggage must check-in at airline counters to get a boarding pass and baggage tags, before taking their luggage to X-ray machines, after which the bags will be taken to the cargo area of the aircraft, he said.

Currently, the bags are X-rayed from the gate but after 1st December they will only be X-rayed inside at a luggage X-ray area.

The overhaul came after the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand found the airport’s security was substandard as some unchecked baggage may have evaded the previous security system. He said passengers may need time to get used to the new system.


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