Chiang Mai leads nation for accidents on day six of Songkran

In a dubious honor for the “rose of the north,” Chiang Mai continues to lead the national road toll in terms of injuries and accidents on Day 6 of the so-called 7 Dangerous Days of the annual Songkran holiday period.

According to figures published this morning, Chiang Mai had the highest number of injuries of any province in the nation with 136 reported, and the highest accidents at 126. Despite the high accident rate, fortunately, most were not fatal, with Nakhon Ratchasima, better known by its nickname of “Korat,” having the highest death toll, currently sitting at 19.

Nationally, April 11-16 has seen a whopping 378 fatalities along with 3,575 injuries from 3,418 accidents. Speeding and drunk driving have been cited as the most common causes.

Image: Maetaeng Police