Chiang Mai monks buy 15,000kg of pineapples to help Chiang Rai farmers

A group of Chiang Mai monks are the latest to step in to assist Chiang Rai pineapple farmers by buying up surplus pineapples.

The monks, possibly co-ordinated through the Chiang Mai Buddhist Network, purchased 15,000 kilograms of pineapples at a cost of 3 baht per kilogram each which they then distributed for free to over 50 schools, hospitals, prisons and welfare centers in Chiang Mai.

The oversupply of pineapples in Chiang Rai first came to public attention in June when Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakkorn purchased 3,500 kilograms of the fruit to give away for free to visitors. The farmers themselves only started growing pineapples in 2015 but have struggled to find a market for their produce after a deal with traders from China fell through earlier in the year.

As part of longer-term plans, the Chiang Rai provincial authority previously said it would find ways to set up pineapple processing plants where farmers would be able to directly sell their produce.

Photo: via Sanook