Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital farewells province’s last COVID-19 patient

COVID-19 is no longer in Chiang Mai Province with the last patient receiving treatment released from hospital yesterday, May 5.

Nurses and hospital staff gathered at the Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital in Suthep to farewell the patient, a 21-year-old woman. The patient, labeled patient PUI 693 caught the virus while working at Sound Up bar in Phra Singh.

As a farewell gift, hospital staff donated a surgical mask, cloth mask, face shield and alcohol handwashing gel to the now former patient. The unnamed woman thanked doctors, nurses and staff for their encouragement and support throughout her treatment at the hospital.

Through its run in Chiang Mai, the province peaked at 40 diagnosed cases.

Nationally there are still 173 in hospital with one further case diagnosed today. The whole of the north has not had a new case in over 21 days.

Photo: ALL CNX