Chiang Mai Police may arrest organizers of Future Forward protest

Chiang Mai Provincial Police District 5 are considering arresting and prosecuting the organizers of a Future Forward protest at the Thapae Gate Dec. 14 for illegally holding the rally without permission.

In a statement on Facebook, the police said that the “flash mob” breached the Public Assembly Act 2015, Section 10 and Section 28 that requires that an organizer of a rally request permission from police to hold a rally at least 24 hours before it is scheduled. No such request for the event was made.

Exactly who specifically they are intending to prosecute is not clear with the group behind the rally going by the name of “The Free General Assembly of Chiang Mai University for Democracy” on Facebook.

The police claimed that permission to hold an event is necessary “to prevent incidents that may be harmful to the body, life, property of citizens and tourists in that area.”

The decision by police in Chiang Mai follows similar moves by police in Bangkok who are also looking to arrest and prosecute those behind a rally held in the capital on Saturday as well.

The events were held in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Khon Kaen to protest moves by the Electoral Commission to disband the Future Forward party over allegations of illegal donations.

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Photo: CM108