Chiang Mai Winning The Fight Against COVID-19 – No New Cases Yesterday

Field Hospital Chiang Mai International Exhibition Centre

For the first time since the beginning of the current wave of the pandemic almost two months ago, no new COVID-19 infection was reported in Chiang Mai on Monday, the provincial communicable disease committee said.

According to the committee, the accumulated number of COVID-19 patients since the outbreak of the virus was 4,048. Of them, 3,709 had recovered, 319 are still being treated at various hospitals and 20 had died.

Of the patients under treatment, 245 were in the “green” category or asymptomatic, 43 in the “yellow” category or with mild symptoms, 20 in the “orange” category or with moderate to serious symptoms, and 11 in the “red” category or with a serious condition.

Of the total, 204 were being treated in field hospitals, 96 in state hospitals and 19 in private hospitals.

The Chiang Mai Central Prison had a total of 3,994 infections. Of them, 3,550 are being treated and 444 recovered.

A total of 163,453 people had registered for vaccination – 77,222 via Mor Prom mobile application and 86,231 through health volunteers and tambon hospitals.

According to a survey conducted on 527,353 people in the province, a majority wanted to be inoculated and only a small number were reluctant or did not want to be vaccinated, the committee said.