Chiang Mai Zoo runs successful escaped animals emergency drill

Chiang Mai Zoo ran an escaped animals emergency drill yesterday, Sept. 25 complete with a man in a bear suit with boxing gloves pretending to be a kangaroo.

The drill was designed for staff to know what they should do when an animal escapes from its cage or enclosure.

Why the man pretending to be a kangaroo beat up a staff member pretending to be a tourist (see picture above) is not entirely clear. While red kangaroos have been known to occasionally attack people the incidences of it occurring are rare and usually involve the animal being provoked. Kangaroos also are also not known to wear boxing gloves but this being Thailand, perhaps they do here.

According to reports, the man pretending to be a kangaroo was successfully captured (see picture below) and returned to its enclosure. The drill is said to have been a success.

Pictures: Siamrath