Chiang Mai’s first COVID-19 deceased victim has no one to collect her body

Update April 16 – Chiang Mai Data Center claims this is “fake news” (using the term in English) because subsequently a cousin came forward to collect the body. That someone later came to collect the body does not make the initial report “fake news” versus this being a case of changing circumstances. 

It is nice to know that the body was eventually collected. The original report as follows.

In a sad twist, Chiang Mai’s first coronavirus victim, a 65-year-old woman who died April 13 allegedly has no relatives who are able to collect her body for funeral rites.

The unnamed woman was admitted to hospital on March 15 and was diagnosed with coronavirus March 18. She had a history of chronic health issues before catching the virus including high blood pressure and kidney disease.

She had been treated with antiretroviral drugs but ultimately suffered kidney failure before dying.

According to Thairath, her relatives are unable to collect the body as they are in quarantine for 14 days – it’s not clear if some of her relatives may also be infected with COVID-19.

Nakornping Hospital said that it was aware of the situation with her relatives and that it would hold the body until such time that her relatives eventually collect her.

Photo: Thairath