China Planning To Develop Arms Maintenance Depot In Thailand

Blue Strike Thailand

Yesterday, Thailand and China discussed a proposal to develop an arms maintenance depot in the country during a meeting at Government House.

Defence permanent secretary Nat Intaracharoen met the Chinese military attache in Thailand, Wu Xiaoyi to discuss China’s offer to develop a maintenance facility for equipment and weaponry imported from China.

Moves to encourage Chinese companies to invest in the Eastern Economic Corridor, involving special trade privileges, including tax exemptions, were also discussed.

“We asked the Chinese military attache to help support Thailand’s plan to develop its defence sector, which is a part of the S-Curve industries that our country wants to promote among foreign investors,” the permanent secretary said.

At the meeting, the government welcomed Maj Gen Xiaoyi, praising the 700-year-old relationship between the two nations and 45 years of modern diplomatic relations, Gen Intaracharoen said.

He said he also expressed this country’s gratitude to China for speeding up the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Thailand.

The attache also discussed closer cooperation regarding military training with Thailand, such as the Joint Strike, Blue Strike, Falcon Strike and Cobra Gold exercises.

Gen Intaracharoen said the meeting also discussed the possibility of developing the ministry’s personnel capacity further, by sending them on an exchange or to study at China’s National Defence College.

In addition, he said that he also thanked China’s defence ministry for their “unconditional funding support” for the development of the country’s security capabilities.

Gen Intaracharoen quoted Maj Gen Wu Xiaoyi as saying that he wished to see the COVID-19 situation in Thailand improve, before affirming China’s commitment to supporting Thailand’s plan to develop its defence industry.