Chinese man complains to Chiang Mai police over 14,000 baht karaoke bar bill

A Chinese national has lodged a complaint with Chiang Mai Police claiming that he was scammed on a bill presented to him by an unnamed karaoke bar.

The man, named as Mr. Zhu Jingping, 41 claimed that he had attended the karaoke bar with three friends when he was subsequently presented with a bill for 14,000 baht.

Mr. Jingping claims that the bill was far too high, however, the unnamed karaoke bar operator said that the men had ordered 27 drinks as well as food while in the VIP section of the KTV, complete with full service.

The service included buying the KTV girls drinks although reports did not indicate what sort of drinks. Lady/girl drinks are famous for being highly marked up in Chiang Mai drinking establishments possibly accounting for some of price.

Although the Chinese tourist was not happy, a price of 7,000 baht was agreed on to settle the matter.

Stories of tourists being overcharged in karaoke bars in Chiang Mai are well know and Chiang Mai One’s advice is to always avoid any KTV’s that cater foreigners in and around Chang Klan in particular.