Chinese man with coronavirus to be discharged from Chiang Mai hospital

A Chinese man who made headlines after testing positive for Wuhan coronavirus last week in Chiang Mai is set to be discharged after recovering from the virus.

The 28-year old man was revealed to have Wuhan coronavirus Jan. 31 after admitting himself to hospital Jan. 21.

In a strange twist, the man tested negative multiple times to the virus and was transferred to a general ward in Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital until coming down with pneumonia Jan. 27. The failed tests and possible exposure of non-viral patients made worldwide news including being referenced in the New York Times.

At a press conference this morning, Feb. 6 at the Faculty of Medicine at Chiang Mai University, various local health officials said that the patient had fully recovered from the virus and that they were waiting on further tests to make sure he is no longer contagious to discharge him from hospital.

The health officials also added that they continue to monitor staff and patients who were exposed to the man with no cases of Wuhan coronavirus so far detected.

Photo: Mcot