Chinese netizens slam CM Zoo over panda death, demand return of Lin Hui

Chinese internet users have slammed Chiang Mai Zoo over the death of Chuang Chuang, the 19-year-old male panda earlier this week and are demanding that in Lin Hui, the remaining panda at the zoo be returned to China.

The cause of death of the panda remains unknown with a group of Chinese experts having arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday, Sept. 18 to undertake an autopsy of the animal.

The Chinese netizens took to Weebo to criticize the zoo, claiming that “Thailand is not suitable for raising pandas”, and “they don’t treat animals as well as we think.”

“Please don’t rent any more pandas to Thailand! No! Chuang Chuang is probably the most bitter panda in the world! What kind of bamboo he was given eat? If you can’t afford [a panda], don’t rent it,” one use wrote while another said “you must take good care of our national treasures loaned to you, Thailand…. if you can’t take care of our national treasures, don’t borrow them. I’m so sad.”

Others questioned the panda loan program, with one saying “we don’t have to rent to countries that don’t take good care of [our pandas]”.

Responding to the reports, Chiang Mai Zoo said that there had been no request for Lin Hui to be returned to China. In an interesting twist, the zoo also suggested that there may be an opportunity for a new giant panda to join Lin Hui at the zoo.