Chinese tourism in Chiang Mai reported to have dropped by 30%

While Chinese tourists numbers were reported to have dropped by 12 percent nationally in August, a local tourist industry leader claims Chinese tourist numbers have dropped by up to 30 percent in Chiang Mai in the last month.

Mr. Pornchai Jitnatechariyadid (transliterated from Thai) President of the Tourism Industry Council of Chiang Mai and the owner of a hotel himself told Chiang Mai News that Chinese tourism is down nearly 30 percent based on his poll of local hotels and other tourism operators.

He also noted that forward bookings for Chinese national holidays are also down with flights to the mainland starting to be canceled due to decreasing demand.

Tourists are now said to be visiting other countries following the tour boat accident in Phuket in July.

Mr. Jitnatechariyadid said that over the year the total number of Chinese tourists is still up on previous numbers and he is confident that government promotions will see a return to growth of 10 to 15 percent in coming months.

Some of the options being considered by the Junta include the reintroduction of double entry tourist visas for Chinese tourists as well as increased advertising.

The news comes days after a video of a tuktuk driver attacking a Grab driver who was carrying foreign tourists at the Arcade Bus Station went viral online, bringing unwanted national and international attention to Chiang Mai and its transport operators.