Chinese tourist caught taking camera left by visitors at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

A Chinese tourist has walked away without being charged after he took a camera left by foreign tourists on a seat in Wat Phra That Doi Suthep April 23.

Two Spanish tourists visiting Chiang Mai accidentally left a GoPro camera on a seat at the Wat and when realizing that they had forgotten it, returned to find that it had gone.

Phuping Rajanawet Police obtained CCTV footage from the Wat where they spied a member of a Chinese tour group spotting the camera and walking towards it.

The unnamed man then casually sat down on the seat and placed a shirt and hat on the camera. Shortly thereafter he walked away with the camera having disappeared.

Police tracked down the tour group to Chiang Mai Cultural Center where the Chinese man claimed he had picked up the camera to return to the tourists later.

Phuping Police didn’t charge the tourist due to lack of evidence – as opposed to the British backpacker currently in the news and instead took the GoPro with them, later reuniting it with its grateful owners.