Chinese tourists angry over alleged ripoff paid lantern release in Saraphi

A group of Chinese tourists is angry over what they allege was a ripoff paid lantern release in Malin Park, Saraphi during Yi Peng, Nov. 11.

The tourists, who where charged as much a 6,000 baht for VIP tickets to the event, claim that the event was a shambles with activities not delivered as advertised.

Among their complaints is that the venue only had a small pool to release krathongs – floating baskets in and that features promised by the event such as cultural performances were not delivered. VIP ticket holders were also angry as despite paying double the standard ticket rate of 3,000 there no extra privileges for them let alone a separate area.

Footage taken from Chinese social media and shared by MGR Online shows Chinese tourists at the event loudly demonstrating their disappointment and demanding refunds. One man is said to have gotten up on stage during a formal ceremony that included representatives of the Chiang Mai Tourism Industry Council and Chiang Mai Cultural Council to express his dissatisfaction over the event.

The alleged ripoff is said to reflect badly on Chiang Mai.

Photo: MGR Online