Chinese tourists injured as ultralight crashes into San Kamphaeng rice paddy

Two Chinese tourists and their Thai pilot were injured after the ultralight aircraft they were in crashed into a rice paddy in San Kamphaeng this morning, Sept. 24.

The aircraft – essentially a motorized hang glider, made its unannounced return to the ground in Doi Siew village, Moo 6 Huay Sui.

According to reports, the ultralight was on a scenic tour out of Ban Muang Ton Airfield in Doi Saket when the pilot experienced a mechanical issue with a “control switch” on the aircraft.

The injuries were described as only being minor with Thairath reporting that the operator of the aircraft bought a pickup truck to the scene to quickly remove the aircraft to try to avoid the crash making news.

Another ultralight from the same airfield carrying a Chinese tourist crashed on the shore of Mae Kuang dam Sept. 12.