Chinese woman fined 1,200 baht for blocking ambulance in Hang Dong

A Chinese woman has been dragged into Hang Dong police station following footage of her blocking an ambulance in Hang Dong Tuesday evening. Dec. 18 went viral.

The footage shows a white Toyota, registration Chiang Mai งด 1364 blocking an ambulance along Hang Dong Road (Highway 108) despite there be plenty of room for the car to pull aside.

Despite the ambulance having its emergency flashing lights on, siren on, the driver of the ambulance flashing their lights and even screaming over a loudspeaker at the car, the woman refused to move.

The unnamed woman told police that she didn’t hear nor see the ambulance and that she was sorry.

She was fine a total of 1,200 baht of three charges – not driving on the left, driving in a traffic-restricting manner and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle

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Posted by Gino Phongphatthana on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Image: Thairath