Clinic Accused of Negligence Over Death of Cosmetic Surgery Patient

Cosmetic Surgery Death

A Yannawa district clinic in Bangkok is being accused of negligence over the death of a cosmetic surgery patient earlier this month.

Polchana Chantarakasem, 29, lodged a complaint against the clinic at the Bang Phongphang police station and demanded an autopsy into the death of the woman, his girlfriend.

Mr Chantarakasem said the victim discovered the clinic on social media on 10th August and decided to undergo liposuction and breast augmentation. She paid 3,000 baht as a deposit, with both procedures to cost 62,000 baht, he said.

He said the victim went under the knife from 7am to 3pm on 22nd August.

Mr Chantarakasem said his girlfriend was in a lot of pain after the surgery, but the clinic reassured the couple it was normal.

He said she complained about the pain as she was brought back to the clinic to have her stitches removed earlier this week.

She’s said to have mentioned fluid oozing from her wounds.

Mr Chantarakasem said the clinic insisted the liquid was saline, a mixture of salt and water to treat wounds, and not lymph, a type of body fluid. However, he said her condition became critical after her face turned pale and her body started convulsing.

He said she was admitted to a state hospital with social welfare benefits, but it could not help her condition. Mr Chantarakasem said he later sent her to a private hospital, but she was unable to recover and died.

He said that on Thursday he was billed 400,000 baht for medical expenses stemming from the alleged botched surgery. He said that after the victim died, the clinic provided 100,000 baht for a funeral.