CM Airport warns about scammers demanding money for detained passengers


Mr Amornrak Chumsai Na Ayutthaya, the director of Chiang Mai International Airport has issued a warning about scammers making fake claim claims about passengers being detained at the airport then demanding money.

The warning claimed after a number of people have contacted them in the last two weeks to inquire after being told that a family member or friend had been detained by immigration authorities at the airport. In at least one case, the scammers had the details of a relative who was flying back into Chiang Mai via Eva Air to make the scam more legitimate.

In each case, those behind the scam said that a payment of 45,000 would be required for the friend or family member to be released from detention.

Mr. Na Ayutthaya said that he believed that a group of criminals were running a “call center gang” that were creating fake Facebook accounts to target potential victims to trick them into sending money.