CM car dealership owner, former political candidate accused of drug smuggling

A former political candidate and owner of Chiang Mai car dealership has been arrested in Chonburi on allegations he was involved in a drug smuggling ring.

Mr. Suban Mahachananonta, formerly a candidate for the Thai Liberal Party was arrested with three other people June 15 after police intercepted a shipping container packed with a whopping 985 kilograms of crystal meth worth 2 billion baht headed to the Philippines.

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, Mr. Mahachananonta operates a used car business based in Chiang Mai that regularly exports products to China. The report claims that it is suspected that Mahachananonta used the business in Chiang Mai to smuggle methamphetamine out of Thailand.

Mr. Mahachananonta has denied the accusations, saying that he was unaware of the drugs in the shipping container however police say they have evidence tying him to the drugs and have detained him in custody.

Thai Liberal Party leader, Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Temeeyaves, who is also the deputy head of the Royal Thai Police said that his party had no involvement in the illicit drug trade and that officers had cooperated with customs officials into the investigation.

Photo: Chiang Rai Times