CMU student allegedly mugged by farangs on Doi Pui

A fourth-year Chiang Mai University student was allegedly mugged by “foreigners from Europe” – farangs on Doi Pui Feb. 12.

The alleged mugging occurred at a beauty spot on a nature hiking route near the Doi Hua Moo viewpoint in Doi Suthep – Pui National with the classmates of the victim Mr. Theerapat Saen-in, 24 sharing the details on social media.

It is alleged that the victim was taking photographs at the beauty spot where he was approached by farangs and hit hard on the head with a piece of wood before being further attacked by other objects.

Mr. Saen-in then allegedly fled into a nearby forest, fearing that the farangs may chase him and attack him further. In the process he is said to have fallen down an embankment, causing him to become unconscious.

When coming to he then allegedly returned to the scene of the attack to find that his camera equipment, tripod, backpack and money had been stolen.

He was able to obtain assistance from other tourists in the area and was eventually transported to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital with cuts and abrasions including six deep wounds to his head consistent with being attacked with a solid object.

A complaint has been lodged with Phuping Ratchaniwet Police with the victim waiting to be discharged from hospital to provide further testimony to police.

Mr. Saen-in has asked for co-operation from the public in the event they notice any criminal who attempts to sell his equipment and asked anyone with information to contact police.

Photo: Guru Chiang Mai/Mr. Theerapat Saen-in