Company Withholds Payment After Workers Test Positive For COVID-19

Office Workers Thailand

Thai social media users have expressed concern after a man said his workmates had been denied payment by their company after contracting COVID-19 during the work-from-home period.

According to a Facebook post by Thawichaya Tungsaharangsee, the company had adopted the work-from-home policy for two weeks to help curb the pandemic and asked employees to refrain from unnecessary travel and to not go out and socialise.

However, four of them nevertheless went out to eat at a shopping mall and do some shopping.

After about a week, all of them developed flu-like symptoms and took COVID-19 tests.

The results came back positive for all and some of their family members were also confirmed to have caught the virus.

Thawichaya said that prompted finger-pointing by the company, even though the cause of the infections was unknown.

The company then denied the employees their salaries, saying they had failed to comply with the work-from-home conditions.

Mr Thawichaya said one of the four, who is in his mid-30s, is in a critical condition and is having breathing difficulties.

He said the person who is critically ill has a message for everyone:

“Stay home if you can help it. Be patient. So far he still has no idea where or from whom he caught the virus. He was infected despite wearing a face mask the whole time except while eating.”