Construction worker falls to death from high rise near Central Festival

A 23-year-old construction worker has fallen to his death from the 31st floor of a building under construction near the Superhighway intersection opposite Central Festival and the Chiang Mai Children Court.

The man, named only as Mr. Nakarin from Suthep, was working on the construction site yesterday afternoon (July 25) when he is believed to have slipped and fallen due to wet conditions, dying on impact outside the construction site shortly thereafter.

Police said that there were no witnesses to Mr. Nakarin falling with staff on the site only becoming aware of the accident when they discovered his dead body on the ground floor.

Not ruling out foul play, police are interviewing other workers at the site and the construction foreman before ruling whether the deceased had fallen by accident or not.

The body of Mr. Nakarin was taken to hospital for a standard autopsy before being released to his family for funeral rites.