Contractor fined 1.5M baht a day until roadworks completed in Doi Saket

The contractor behind the upgrade of Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road (Highway 118) through Doi Saket is being fined 1.5 million baht a day until such time the roadworks are completed.

The 634.5 million baht project – turning the highway into a dual carriageway from the 42 to 51 + 500 mark through Tambon Pa Miang started on March 14, 2017 and was meant to be finished by Dec. 3 last year, a total of 630 days.

The roadwork on the highway remains ongoing as of today, Jan. 8.

The fines of 1.5 million baht a day started on Dec. 27.

It’s not clear from reports if it’s the entirety of the roadworks or just a section of them but either way, the contractor now has a very good reason to get a move along.