Coronavirus scare as prisoner at Mae Ping Police Station found with high fever

A prisoner being held at Mae Ping Police Station in Nong Hoi was rushed to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital yesterday, March 16 after he was discovered to have a high fever.

The prisoner, Mr. Chaturon Chianguan, 28 has been arrested on a drug charge the night before and was being held in custody pending a court hearing when it was discovered at around 1 p.m. that he had become sick with a high fever.

Nong Hoi Rescue was called to the scene according to Thairath, transporting the man out of the police station and straight to Maharaj Nakorn, the main COVID-19 treatment hospital in Chiang Mai.

His current status is unknown. As of this morning, March 17 there were no confirmed coronavirus cases in Chiang Mai Province.

The police station itself is said to have been disinfected following the scare.

Photo: Thairath