Court Acquits Suspects in House Party Drugging & Sexual Assault Case

Thitima Lunlabelle Noraphanpiphat

The Criminal Court has dismissed charges against 7 people who allegedly drugged a model at the same party attended by Thitima “Lunlabelle” Noraphanpiphat before she was found dead at a Bangkok condominium lobby last year.

The charges against the suspects, Chaiyaphon Phanna, 29, Phikunthong Bunpha, 24, Nathi Sathiphongsathaphon, 33, Kritsada Lohitdi, 27, Phatthanan Raksakun, 26, Koset Ritnithiroek, 35, and Krittiya Ritmangkon, 24, stemmed from a report by a model who goes by the stage name “Nong Dear”.

Nong Dear claimed Ms Ritmangkon, her agent, had sent her to entertain guests at a party in a house in Nonthaburi on 16th September 2019.

The party was also attended by fellow model Thitima, who was found dead the next morning after being escorted by male model Rachadech “Nam Oun” Wongthabutr from the party to his condominium.

Nong Dear told police she suspected she was drugged at the party, as she woke up the next morning with no clothes on with little recollection of the party.

The six suspects were charged with colluding to sexually assault Nong Dear. Ms Ritmangkon, meanwhile, was charged with arranging for someone to be assaulted.

After reviewing the case, the court acquitted all suspects, citing insufficient evidence.

Emerging from the courtroom, Mr Sathiphongsathaphon thanked the court, saying he had been fighting for justice for more than a year.