COVID-19 Cases Rise In Chiang Mai Again – 27 Found At Buddhist Meditation Centre

Maejo University Field Hospital
Maejo University Field Hospital.

On Thursday, an additional 237 COVID-19 cases were reported in Chiang Mai, with at least 27 at a Buddhist meditation centre in Muang district.

The Chiang Mai communicable diseases control panel and the provincial public health office on Thursday confirmed the 237 infections, up from 99 on Wednesday. This raised the total number of infections in the province to 2,819.

Officials said 222 infected patients had already recovered and 2,597 remained in hospitals.

A building at San Kamphaeng Hospital is being used as a field hospital, with 40 beds, officials said.

There were 353 infected patients accommodated at Chiang Mai University’s dormitory 5, which was being used as another field hospital – 172 males and 181 females. 3 had already recovered and been discharged.

At Maharat Chiang Mai Hospital, there were 11 patients – 9 confirmed infected with COVID-19 and 2 awaiting test results. There were nine other infected patients being treated at Chiangmai Neurological Hospital.

At Maejo University’s field hospital there were 322 infected patients, all women. 4 of them had already recovered.

Attention also focussed on Lan Dham Namsuk meditation centre in tambon Padaed on Thursday.

One person who meditated there and returned home during Songkran tested positive for the coronavirus disease.

Officials administered COVID-19 tests on 45 people at the centre on Wednesday. The results for 27 people came out around noon on Thursday and were positive. The other results were expected in the evening.

If all 45 prove to be infected, this would be a new cluster of infections. The meditation centre is popular with elderly people.