‘Crazy’ woman hospitalized after smashing car windows in Wat Ket

At 44-year woman described as being “crazy” has been checked into Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital after smashing a number of car windscreens and windows in Wat Ket yesterday, Feb. 2.

The woman smashed the windscreens and windows along Charoen Mueang Road Soi 1 while people were at local restaurants and bars at around 10 p.m.

The accused, Ms. Nor Phetchrada from Kamphaeng Phet was spotted by one of the victims who called police. She was arrested and taken to Mae Ping Police Station where she tested negative to alcohol and drugs. She was subsequently taken to Suan Prung.

According to police, Ms. Phetchrada was described as rambling and saying that “I don’t know why I did it.”

CM108 notes that Ms. Phetchrada has been accused of destroying items in Chiang Mai hotels in the past.

Photo: Thairath