Cyclist Dies After Plunging Into Chiang Mai Ravine

Cyclist Dies Chiang Mai
Rescue workers retrieve the body of a cyclist after he fell to his death from a steep, winding road in tambon Pong Yang of Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai, on Wednesday.

A 34-year-old cyclist failed to negotiate a downhill road and plunged about 30 metres into an adjacent ravine to his death in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim district on Wednesday morning.

Police were informed of the incident on a steep and winding stretch of the Mae Rim-Mae Sai tourist road in front of Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline tourist site in tambon Pongyang at about 11am.

Police said the cyclist on his road bike failed to negotiate a downhill bend on the two-lane road, hit a guardrail and fell into a ravine about 30 metres below.

It took about three hours for rescue workers to retrieve the body of the cyclist, who was identified as Kritsuphan Khanchai, a 34-year-old native of tambon Khi Lek in Mae Rim.