‘Dark road’ blamed for crash of Provincial vehicle in Chom Thong

A “dark road” is being blamed for the crash of a Chiang Mai Province vehicle in Chom Thong last night, Feb. 12.

The crash happened on Chiang Mai-Hod Road in front of Ban Tha Kham School on Moo 7, Ban Pae at 11:50 p.m.

According to reports, the driver of the Toyota Hilux, a male aged between 35-40 who works for Chiang Mai Province, could “not control the steering wheel” and crashed into a tree.

The “dark road” theory was front a center, the implication being that he didn’t see a bend because the road was dark versus a more logical conclusion that he was driving too fast for the conditions.

The driver was described as only suffering minor injuries as he was wearing a seat belt.