Day 12 coronavirus arrests in Chiang Mai drop to 12 due to widespread rainfall

The number of people arrested in relation to breaching coronavirus rules and decrees dropped to 12 people overnight April 15-16 as many stayed indoors due to widespread rainfall.

A 20-year-old man was arrested by Mae Ping Police at a checkpoint near Central Festival in Fa Ham for being outside past 10 p.m. in breach of the coronavirus curfew. The man, who was wearing pajamas, told police that he was feeling lonely and border so went out for a drive.

Chang Phueak Police arrested two people for breaching the curfew along with a small group of adolescents who were visiting a friend in breach of social distancing rules.

The total number of people arrested so far in Chiang Mai since the curfew began now sits at 414.

Photo: Chiang Mai Data Center