Dessert maker charged with copyright theft over Doraemon jelly cake

A dessert maker was detained and forced to pay a fine to settle a copyright infringement claim in Chang Phuaek Saturday, April 20.

Ms. Tipawan, 35 from San Pa Tong, makes jelly cakes and other jelly desserts on demand for customers under the name Lamoon Jelly and has delivered them around town for three years without issue until a Japanese anime character caught her unawares.

She had made two original Doraemon jelly cakes for a customer and had posted about it online when another person contacted her and ordered one to be delivered to an address in Chang Phueak.

Having made the new Doraemon jelly cake, she attempted to deliver it to the customer at an address directly opposite Phu Ping Ratchaniwet Police Station where she was instead greeted by a “copyright” officer who detained her on the spot, illicit jelly cake in hand.

Ms. Tipawan was taken to the station where she was told she was being charged with breaching copyright.

After some discussion along with an admission of guilt and a promise not to make Doraemon jelly cakes again, Ms. Tipawan was fined 1,000 baht and sent on her way.

The police kept the cake as evidence, however.

Ms. Tipawan went public with the story so as to let others know of the risk of making Doraemon jelly cakes as she had no idea previously that she was doing anything wrong.