Disabled Chiang Mai pensioner riding to Samut Prakan robbed in Tak

A disabled Chiang Mai pensioner who is currently riding an electric three-wheeled motorcycle to Samut Prakan Province for a funeral has been robbed in Tak.

Mr. Pithit Sopa, 76 and formerly an Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand worker, was traveling through Tak then four people, believed to be between 17 to 18 years of age, robbed him of the 40 baht he had in his possession along with his Thai ID card.

Speaking to Thai language media, Mr. Sopa said he only received a pension of 800 baht a month and that he has no family to support him. He added that he was happy to make the trip, despite it taking nine days on his electrical trike, as he didn’t want to be a burden to others.

Fortunately, locals in Tak have stepped up to assist Mr. Sopa but while he accepted meals he was adamant that he didn’t want money as he believes there are worse off people who need more assistance than him.

Image: Channel 3