Disabled man found dead with gunshot wounds in Tha Sala

A disabled man has been found dead with gunshot wounds under a bridge on the Middle Ring Road (3029) in Tha Sala this morning, March. 5

The man, who was in a wheelchair, was found to have gunshot wounds on the his right temple and chest with police finding two shell casings at the scene.

Along with a .45 gun found in the deceased man’s lap, the man was said to be wearing a “luxury watch” however no wallet, money or identification was found at the scene.

Police are working on two theories – that the man either committed suicide or was murdered.

According to Thai language media, the first theory is that the man shot himself in the chest and having failed to kill himself, then shot himself in the head.

The second theory is that a “villan” shot the man in the chest then shot him in the head in an attempt to disguise the case as a suicide.

The man’s body was taken to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy.

Presumably they’ll be able to ascertain whether the shot to the chest was at extremely close range (suicide) or at some distance (murder).